Nap Like A Pro – blog post 5

Layout 1 could work well to have an image of a napper on one side of the spread, and information organized on the other side with the headline and deck.  Layout 2 would be great to create the an over-all mood of calmness with a full image in the background and text over it.  Layout 3 is similar to layout 1, but I like addition of organizing informational text and/or images within the circle shapes.


Nap Like A Pro – blog post 4

Below are a few color palette ideas for my magazine story layout on Nap Like A Pro. Each one takes on a slightly different direction with regards to my theme of  sleeping. However, they are all similar in being analogous color schemes, and they all create the same mood of relaxation and calmness.           

Nap Like A Pro – blog post 3

Salubrious You is the magazine for today’s health conscious individual; featuring unique articles about all things related to being healthy.  The word salubrious means healthy; promoting health and well-being.  This is the perfect magazine for my layout on Nap Like a Pro.  

Examples of similar publications that feature articles about sleep:

Mrs Eaves, blog post 5

Three examples of Mrs Eaves typeface in use

Mrs Eaves, blog post 4

Three type specimen posters