What is your favorite photograph in your home?

Mom’s Graduation from Dowling College, 1983

Honestly, there is no one favorite!  I have so many beautiful photographs from when my husband and I first started dating back in high school, to vacations we took together, to our wedding, and then a plethora of baby pictures and beyond of our daughters, who are now 18 years old and 15 years old.  So, I decided to dig a little deeper and share this snap shot of my mother and me. It resides as part of a 5″ x 7″ collage that my Grandma Eileen (my mom’s mom) made for me. The craftsmanship of this collage leaves a lot to be desired with poorly cut pieces of photographs taped together, and a finger in one of the shots. However, it is the love and pride of my Grandma Eileen that went into it that makes this a special memento. On the back of the collage, Grandma Eileen wrote, “June 5, 1983, Carol’s Graduation from Dowling College, Straight A Student, Good Girl.”  I discovered this collage, with the above photograph as part of it, left behind in my teenage bedroom after my mother passed away in May 2011. I remember that my mother did not have the best relationship with her mother. So, the “Straight A Student, Good Girl” note on the back is proof positive for me that no matter what, my grandma was as proud of my mom as I was. Her accomplishments were no small feat!  She was a single mother and when she divorced my father she had to first earn her G.E.D before going to college to her master’s degree in psychology.

I am my mother’s daughter!  She is so much a part of the driving force in my endeavor to go back to school for a degree in Visual Arts. I denied myself the opportunity to explore this field and grow as an artist when I was younger.  I know my mother is watching over me now, and cheering me on.



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