A Spiritual Connection

I was posed the question; have I ever sworn that I saw something that others didn’t? This lead me down the path of a childhood memory that I felt strongly relates to this question, and I felt compelled to share it.    

When I was a little girl, somewhere under the age of ten years old, I had many experiences of what I believe now, were visits by spirits. I don’t recall seeing spirits as a child, but I did feel and hear them. The visits happened mostly as I slept in the small bedroom that my younger brother and I shared. The room had a very weird feature to it. It is something I have never seen in any other house. The closet, as I remember it to be, doubled as the entranceway to a full-size staircase that led up to the attic of the house.  Perhaps it was never meant to be used as a closet, and it was supposed to just be the entranceway to the unfinished upper level of our home.  I’m not sure, but even thinking about it now, stirs up spooky childhood memories that have stuck with me my entire life. It was surely the gateway to more than just the attic, and I mean that with all adulthood seriousness!

I remember being touched many times as I slept in that room, waking up to find nothing there, and my brother sound asleep.  One night, I was awoken to the sound of heavy footsteps.  It was so loud and real, but I was too scared to let myself believe they were coming from the attic.  Perhaps instead, it was my father walking around the kitchen with his work boots on.  On the other side of the wall that my bed was against, was the kitchen, so this was the perfect explanation.  I tried to fall back to sleep, but I kept hearing the footsteps.  I called for my father to come into my room and asked if he had just been walking around in his work boots.  When he said he was not, I got upset.  I made him stand on my bed with me, with our backs up against the wall to listen for the footsteps.  I don’t remember what happened after that except that he heard nothing.  Did I hear footsteps again with my father right by my side and he didn’t?  Did my brother sleep through all of this?  I can’t recollect.

Typical childhood monsters under the bed?  Sure, my story sounds a lot like that, and I would believe that to be the case if I didn’t continue to have experiences throughout my life that keep reaffirming to me that spirits are real, and they do visit us.  In fact, I feel that childhood stories like this are caused by spiritual visits, more often than most people would like to believe.  As children, we are not only more sensitive to spirit, but our souls have just been reborn.  Yes, I do believe we have lived passed lives.  So, as children, our connections to the spiritual world are at our strongest.  However, to alleviate our fears, the adults in our lives tell us it is not real.  We grow up not believing in the possibilities of our experiences, and by adulthood, many of us lose all openness to the energy of spirits around us.

It is not an everyday occurrence, but to this day, often enough for me to take notice of it, I continue to be touched, hear footsteps when no one is there, and when I dream of loved ones who have passed on, I know for sure they are visiting me.  My aunt also has similar experiences, which help to justify mine.  I also believe that I have seen spirits, both friendly and evil, a few times in my adult life.  They were very fleeting moments however, which makes it difficult for me to share the memories.  It is like the pieces of the puzzle are not all there, but I still don’t doubt what I experienced.  Many will not find truth or value to any of this, but for me, it is very real.  Science also proves that all living things are made up of energy and energy never dies.  When a living thing dies, it is their physical body that has died, not their soul.  For this reason, I strongly believe that I have heard, felt, and seen spirits, and I am grateful to have that spiritual connection in my life.


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