One fine-art photo I would buy…

Imogen Cunningham, “Magnolia Blossom” 1925

If I could afford to purchase Imogen Cunnigham’s photograph, “Magnolia Blossom”, I would do it in heartbeat!  I have admired this work from the moment I saw it.  It is a stunning, high-key image, yet it has a full range of values.  In the 1920’s, Cunningham started taking very detailed, close-up photographs of plant life.  She spent two years focusing on just the magnolia flower.  This image is sensual and so beautiful, and I can envision it hanging in my home.  Maybe someday!

Nap Like A Pro – blog post 5

Layout 1 could work well to have an image of a napper on one side of the spread, and information organized on the other side with the headline and deck.  Layout 2 would be great to create the an over-all mood of calmness with a full image in the background and text over it.  Layout 3 is similar to layout 1, but I like addition of organizing informational text and/or images within the circle shapes.

Nap Like A Pro – blog post 4

Below are a few color palette ideas for my magazine story layout on Nap Like A Pro. Each one takes on a slightly different direction with regards to my theme of  sleeping. However, they are all similar in being analogous color schemes, and they all create the same mood of relaxation and calmness.           

Nap Like A Pro – blog post 3

Salubrious You is the magazine for today’s health conscious individual; featuring unique articles about all things related to being healthy.  The word salubrious means healthy; promoting health and well-being.  This is the perfect magazine for my layout on Nap Like a Pro.  

Examples of similar publications that feature articles about sleep:

What is your favorite photograph in your home?

Mom’s Graduation from Dowling College, 1983

Honestly, there is no one favorite!  I have so many beautiful photographs from when my husband and I first started dating back in high school, to vacations we took together, to our wedding, and then a plethora of baby pictures and beyond of our daughters, who are now 18 years old and 15 years old.  So, I decided to dig a little deeper and share this snap shot of my mother and me. It resides as part of a 5″ x 7″ collage that my Grandma Eileen (my mom’s mom) made for me. The craftsmanship of this collage leaves a lot to be desired with poorly cut pieces of photographs taped together, and a finger in one of the shots. However, it is the love and pride of my Grandma Eileen that went into it that makes this a special memento. On the back of the collage, Grandma Eileen wrote, “June 5, 1983, Carol’s Graduation from Dowling College, Straight A Student, Good Girl.”  I discovered this collage, with the above photograph as part of it, left behind in my teenage bedroom after my mother passed away in May 2011. I remember that my mother did not have the best relationship with her mother. So, the “Straight A Student, Good Girl” note on the back is proof positive for me that no matter what, my grandma was as proud of my mom as I was. Her accomplishments were no small feat!  She was a single mother and when she divorced my father she had to first earn her G.E.D before going to college to her master’s degree in psychology.

I am my mother’s daughter!  She is so much a part of the driving force in my endeavor to go back to school for a degree in Visual Arts. I denied myself the opportunity to explore this field and grow as an artist when I was younger.  I know my mother is watching over me now, and cheering me on.